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When it comes to funding a startup business, entrepreneurs have a few options to choose from. They can bootstrap, turn to family and friends, or seek investors. However, there’s another funding option that`s been gaining more traction: income share agreements (ISAs). And one of the newest players in the space is Pave.

What is a Pave Income Share Agreement?

A Pave Income Share Agreement (ISA) is a funding option for entrepreneurs who want to start or grow their businesses but don`t want to take on traditional debt or give up equity. The Pave ISA model allows entrepreneurs to receive upfront funding in exchange for a share of their future income. This means that the entrepreneur doesn`t have to worry about making fixed payments based on interest rates, but rather, the repayment amount is based on their business’s growth and success.

How does Pave ISA work?

Pave ISA’s work by providing entrepreneurs with an upfront payment of up to $50,000 to start or grow their business. In exchange, the entrepreneur agrees to share a percentage of their future income for a set period, usually for five years. The percentage is determined based on the entrepreneur`s financial situation and business plan, and the repayment amount is capped at 1.75 times the original investment.

Pave also offers flexibility in their ISA agreements. For example, if the entrepreneur experiences financial hardship or their business doesn`t meet revenue projections, they can pause their payments or renegotiate their agreement.

Why choose a Pave ISA over traditional funding options?

One of the biggest advantages of a Pave ISA is that it allows entrepreneurs to keep control of their businesses without giving up equity. This means that they don`t have to worry about losing decision-making power or diluting ownership. Additionally, since repayments are based on a percentage of revenue, entrepreneurs can avoid the risk of defaulting on fixed payments if their business doesn`t perform as expected.

Another advantage of Pave ISA’s is that they offer a “skin in the game” approach to funding. This means that Pave’s interests are aligned with the entrepreneur`s success. If the business does well, Pave earns more revenue, and the entrepreneur gets to keep more of their profits. If the business doesn`t perform as well, Pave shares in the risk through lower repayment amounts.


In conclusion, Pave Income Share Agreements are an innovative funding option for entrepreneurs who want to start or grow their businesses without giving up equity or taking on traditional debt. With flexible repayment terms, capped repayment amounts, and the ability to pause payments, Pave ISA’s offer entrepreneurs peace of mind in their quest for funding. If you`re an entrepreneur looking for funding options, it`s worth considering whether a Pave ISA is right for you.