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BCIT FSA Collective Agreement 2021: Understanding the Key Changes

The BCIT FSA (Faculty and Staff Association) Collective Agreement for 2021 has been recently ratified, bringing forth various changes that affect faculty and staff at the British Columbia Institute of Technology. The agreement, which covers a three-year period from April 1, 2021, to March 31, 2024, includes updates to compensation, benefits, and working conditions.

In this article, we will discuss some of the key changes in the BCIT FSA Collective Agreement 2021, and what they mean for faculty and staff members.


One of the significant updates in the agreement is the increase in salary and benefits. Over the three-year term, faculty and staff will receive a salary increase of 2% each year, which is in line with the cost of living in the Metro Vancouver area. Additionally, there are improvements to long-term disability benefits, extended health benefits, and retirement savings plans.

Working Conditions

Another area of improvement is working conditions. The new agreement provides better job security for faculty and staff who have been employed at BCIT for a longer period. For instance, an academic employee who has worked at the institute for ten years or more will receive a notice period of up to ten months in the event of layoff or termination.

The agreement also includes provisions for workload management, recognizing the need for balance between workload and personal time. Faculty members will have access to additional professional development opportunities, including a mentoring program that matches new hires with experienced teachers.

Other Changes

Other updates in the agreement include improved provisions for academic freedom, language regarding the use of digital media in teaching, and recognition of the importance of workplace diversity and inclusion.


Overall, the BCIT FSA Collective Agreement 2021 brings positive changes in compensation, benefits, and working conditions for faculty and staff members at BCIT. These updates reflect the importance of investing in the workforce, recognizing their contributions, and ensuring their well-being.

The agreement also emphasizes the commitment of BCIT to providing quality education for students, supported by skilled and motivated faculty and staff. By improving the working conditions and job satisfaction of its employees, BCIT can benefit from increased employee retention, higher productivity, and better student outcomes.

If you are a faculty or staff member at BCIT, it is essential to understand the changes in the collective agreement and how they affect you. Consult the full text of the agreement and talk to your departmental HR representative for more information.